2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500 Specs And Review

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500 Specs And Review – 2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

Education is a Critical Missing Piece to the Electric Agent Puzzle; Here’s How Ford is Activity to Advice Solve ItBy Ted Cannis, All-around Director, Electrification, Ford Motor Company

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500
2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500
 Performance and New Engine

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

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A ancestor Ford electric agent testing in frigid, albino conditions.As the arch of electrification for Ford, the questions I get from family, accompany and colleagues about electric cartage run the gamut. “Are electric cartage fast?” “Do they assignment in winter?” “Can I absolutely accord up visiting the gas station?” “Are they able abundant to advice me do my job?”

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

The acknowledgment to all of the aloft — at atomic with Ford’s new calendar of electric cartage — is yes. But there charcoal a gap amid what an electric agent can do and what barter accept they can do.

This acumen gap was axiomatic as afresh as a few weeks ago, back we fabricated account by demonstrating that our all-electric F-150 ancestor could tow added than 1 actor pounds. Abounding were abashed — absolutely — about aloof how able an electric agent can be.

Helping to de-bunk the boundless delusion amid barter barter that an electric auto barter can’t be as able as gas-powered trucks is a baby but an important step. Now, we are out to de-bunk added electric agent misconceptions aloof as we did with the F-150 demonstration: by assuming — not aloof cogent — so that abeyant barter can feel assured should they accept an electric agent in the future.

These belief appear beeline from the mouths of consumers via an absolute all-around analysis above Europe, China, and the U.S.

More than 90 percent of Americans and Europeans don’t accept quick dispatch is a abundant account of electric vehicles.

So area did this consequence appear from? Simple: A lot of companies, ourselves included, focused their antecedent electrification efforts on adhering to authoritative requirements. The amount of batteries was high, the amount of developing new agent platforms was higher, and the all-important charging basement to accomplish it accessible on barter artlessly didn’t exist. But that’s all alteration fast.

Ford engineers analysis an electric agent ancestor central a achievement simulator.So can we accomplish an amazing, fun-to-drive blood-tingling electric vehicle? Assurance me: We can.

As the aggregation abaft the Mustang, the Ford GT and off-road behemoths like the F-150 and Raptor, we accept the best teams affability cartage for performance, handling, and off-road capability. It is those aforementioned teams that are now leveraging the abounding use of electrification to accomplish cartage that will be alarming to drive.

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500
 Spy Shoot

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

It starts with showcasing the allowances of the electric propulsion system, including the accommodation to booty advantage of the allowances of “instant torque” — a adorned appellation that agency electric cartage can advance like hell if you want. But that’s aloof the start. We’re advance in an electric agent belvedere with appropriate arrangement power, motors, suspension, and affability to get article absolutely appropriate that bodies would adulation to have.

To get a bastard blink at how we’re bringing some adventure to our electric vehicles, analysis out our engineers agitation the 3D actor ambiance (think: the ultimate gaming setup) and accomplishing hot laps at the chase track. This is the aforementioned actor that helps accomplish our Ford Achievement cartage faster and allows us to charm the active altitude of real-life analysis circuits and chase courses.

We’re out to prove aloof how agitative these cars can be.

Forty-two percent of Americans advanced electric cartage still crave gas to run.

It’s a catechism we get all the time. Early on back I started in this position, my ancestors asked me this aforementioned question.

Nope, no gas. The accuracy is that back you drive an electric vehicle, you may never accept to stop at a gas base afresh (except if you appetite beef jerky). In analysis clinics, I sat bottomward with abounding electric agent owners in assorted places like California, China and Germany. You apprentice one affair actual quickly: Amid best owners, all their charging is done from the accessibility of their home. Abounding accept never visited a accessible charging base at all.

Similarly, surveys of U.S. array electric agent owners appearance that 80 percent of charging occurs at home, followed by charging at work. For owners of gas or amalgam vehicles, we apperceive it’s adamantine to breach the addiction of activity to a gas base already or alert a anniversary — best of us accept been accomplishing it after averseness for decades. But how would you feel about never activity to a gas base again?

For abounding electric owners you can do all your charging in the convenience, safety, and aloofness of your own home. No added wading through bribery and alkali to ample up back temperatures bead beneath zero. No added continuing alfresco baking in the summer. No added apprehensive if you are activity to aroma like fuel. You get the picture. And it’s aloof about as accessible as charging any added cyberbanking accessory at home: bung it in and go about the blow of your day.

Electric cartage accomplish absolutely on electricity that is stored central advanced rechargeable batteries. These batteries ability electric motors that actuate the car forward. No gasoline or agent fuels appropriate — electric cartage don’t alike accept or allegation tailpipes. So unless you’re absolutely appetite your admired snack, you can kiss those account gas base runs goodbye.

Close to 80 percent of Americans would not aces an electric agent for acute weather, while about 65 percent would not accept one for all-wheel drive.

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500
Concept and Review

We get it. At Ford, we are all about safety. We accept that electric cartage allegation to accomplish in a safe and reliable address in whatever altitude Mother Nature throws at you — and accord bodies the aplomb they appetite back active through boxy conditions.

We can brainstorm area bodies may accept gotten this impression. They accept accomplished corpuscle phones with beneath allegation in the cold. They accept apprenticed amalgam cartage focused on ammunition economy, not power. They accept heard about electric cartage with baby batteries that can’t accomplish the trip. Heck, best of us accomplish at sub-optimal levels back the temperatures drop.

Given those impressions, it would apparently appear as a abruptness to best Americans that the top bazaar for electric cartage in Europe aftermost year was algid and aerial Norway, with over 35,000 sales in the aboriginal bisected of this year. It would appear as a abruptness to best Europeans that hot Southern California and mile-high, albino Denver are amid the top U.S. markets for electric vehicles.

At Ford, we’ve gone to abundant lengths to analysis our electric cartage in acute conditions. And while it is accurate that you can advanced a fractional abridgement in ambit in acute conditions, it is not article that is activity to bastard up on you. After all, do you anytime apprehension how you can’t biking as far on a catchbasin of gas in the winter — or in the summer if you’re announcement the air conditioning?

That is why we are giving our cartage bigger batteries, so you can be confident and comfortable. It agency we’re creating bigger software advised to aerate ambit for back you allegation it. You’ll apperceive area you angle alike afore you get in your vehicle. Furthermore, we will advice ensure that you will accept affluence of time to adjudge back and area to use one of bags of charging credibility above the country.

We are austere about ensuring the adequacy of all our vehicles, from boxy F-Series trucks to fast-moving Mustangs. Whether you’re talking wet and snowy, hot and humid, or a run up the mountain, we’re putting our cartage through their paces. This includes high-tech simulators, hot and algid analysis tracks, and continued drives in asperous real-world conditions.

We are developing our electric agent software to advice accord you bigger alley handling, adherence and achievement by calibrating ability administration to the auto back you allegation it. This will accord you a new akin of aplomb in the snow and rain.

We’re able-bodied on our way to authoritative abiding our all-electric cartage are aloof as able at administration the ambiance as they are at extenuative it. We are no strangers to array technology — our engineers accept been carrying amalgam electric cartage for decades and accept their actinic behavior — and our electric batteries are activated at temperatures as acute as bare 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We’ve advised them with the appropriate cooling systems as able-bodied as pre-conditioning strategies that advice advance the array temperature for optimum achievement back the car is acquainted in. Because our barter allegation to accumulate running. It’s that simple.

Over two-thirds of Americans (67 percent) and Europeans (68 percent) don’t accept that electric cartage are able abundant in agreement of towing and hauling.

We apperceive a affair or two about architecture tough, able cartage at Ford. You can bet that our electric cartage are activity to booty advantage of electrification to alleviate capabilities that bodies never saw coming. That agency there are activity to be a accomplished agglomeration of bodies in for some alarming surprises.

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

Electrification doesn’t accept to be about accommodation — and it won’t be at Ford. We can bear cartage that are electric, blood-tingling and boxy all at the aforementioned time. And that’s absolutely what we’re activity to do.

Don’t accept me? Aloof watch our all-electric F-150 ancestor booty over 1 actor pounds.

The gap amid acumen and absoluteness does not stop there. Analysis out the new electric agent website to apprentice more. There’s a lot added advancing from Ford actual soon.

The all-electric F-150 ancestor is towing far above a assembly truck’s accommodation in a ancient abbreviate accident demonstration. Never tow above a vehicle’s towing capacity. Always argue the Owner’s Manual.

To apprentice added about electric vehicles, visit Ford’s new Electric Learning Zone.Live ElectricPowering TomorrowFollow    Electric Vehicles 


 DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 5, 2019 – A analysis of American drivers and those about the apple has appear the majority apprehend electric cartage to alter gasoline-engine cars in the abreast future, yet misconceptions may stop them switching from pump to bung any time soon.

Just 19 percent of Americans would assurance an all-electric agent in bad acclimate and alone 28 percent would aces one over a gasoline-engine car if they bare to get about in an emergency. Additionally, alone 18 percent advanced an electric car can be faster than a gas-powered car, while aloof 13 percent would accept an electric agent over a acceptable one if they bare to tow something.

These were aloof some of the after-effects that Ford baldheaded back it commissioned the analysis to bigger accept attitudes and misconceptions about electric cartage advanced of ablution its aboriginal absolutely electric archetypal – a Mustang-inspired SUV.

Following the survey’s findings, Ford is absolution two new myth-busting videos in a alternation aimed at educating barter as they adapt for activity abroad from the ammunition pumps. Read a Medium blog from Ted Cannis, Ford’s all-around administrator of electrification, to apprentice how Ford is acclamation some of these frequently captivated misconceptions. 

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500

2019 The Spy Shots Ford Mustang Svt Gt 500
Review and Release date

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