2020 Mercedes Glc First Drive

2020 Mercedes Glc

2020 Mercedes Glc First Drive – 2020 Mercedes Glc

If there was anytime a car advised accurately to book money, it’s the Mercedes-Benz GLC. They are the Toyota RAV4s of luxury, and they are everywhere. But that’s not the abandoned aftereffect of bodies mindlessly affairs a Benz aloof because (OK, some do). The GLC is accurately good, and comes in a array of trims to accomplish anybody happy. Especially the AMG 63 S. That one fabricated me absolute happy.

2020 Mercedes Glc
 Exterior and Interior
2020 Mercedes Glc

2020 Mercedes Glc
Concept and Review

(Full Disclosure: Mercedes shuttled me to the Hudson Valley, area it had the accomplished 2020 GLC ancestors cat-and-mouse for me to drive. It paid for all my food, booze and one night at a nice hotel. What follows is me aggravating to charge three cars I collection into one review.)

About 20 years ago, the streets of burghal America ran amok with Lexus RX300s in assorted shades of white, black, blue, red and champagne. They were the affluence crossover, with acute arena clearance, a acceptable block and abundant brand snobbery to accumulate you attractive acceptable at the PTA meetings.

2020 Mercedes Glc

The GLC appears to accept replaced the RX300 in this capacity. It’s berserk accepted and aimed anon at the masses. So obviously, we bare to see what all the fuss is about by active all the models in this family.

And specifically, we capital to see what happened aback you gave it 503 horsepower, like in AMG GLC 63 S guise. Wouldn’t you?

The GLC replaced the GLK in the antiquarian times of 2015. And now that I’m cerebration about the GLK, it’s age-old appealing well. Boxy cars about do. Will the GLC age aloof as gracefully? Abandoned time will tell.

Within Mercedes-Benz’s acutely saturated lineup, the GLC is the baby crossover that’s a footfall up from the bunched GLA. For the 2020 archetypal year, it accustomed a facelift and Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment system.

The GLC is the best accepted car Mercedes makes, abounding stop. Last year, Mercedes awash 355,413 cars, vans and Smarts. By far, the GLC was the best seller. Mercedes awash 69,727 GLCs in 2018, which circuit out to about 20 per cent of all sales.

And it’s not absolutely adamantine to see why. From a absolutely commonsensical and looks perspective, the GLC basically nails the baby crossover philosophy. Its architecture cues are beautiful but additionally not too polarising that bodies won’t buy it.

I am, of course, talking about the SUV version, not the “coupe” adaptation here. The auto is acutely polarising, as the comments on this blog will accordingly demonstrate.

At the time of this writing, there are three agent trims you can get with your GLC. The GLC 300, either with rear-wheel drive or 4MATIC all-wheel drive, offers a 2.0-litre, turbocharged, inline-four engine. Mercedes says it’s acceptable for 255 application and 273 lb-ft of torque.

2020 Mercedes Glc

2020 Mercedes Glc

Long gone are the canicule area you’d abandoned accept one AMG archetypal per Class; now there are at atomic two. The “regular” AMG 63 version, with the 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8, puts out 469 HP and 479 lb-ft of torque. The top-of-the-line AMG 63 S adaptation claims 503 HP and 516 lb-ft of torque. (The 63 S adaptation abandoned comes on the auto adaptation of the GLC, admitting all the AMGs accept abiding all-wheel drive.)

The GLC 43, the “AMG Lite” option, which had to be brought into actuality for bodies who appetite to be affectionate of fast but not too fast, will be revised for this new anatomy appearance anon as well. The approachable adaptation fabricated a claimed 362 HP from a additional 3.0-litre V6. All versions of the GLC additionally use Mercedes’ nine-speed automated transmission.

If you’re activity to see a car everywhere, as I already do with the GLCs, it ability as able-bodied be handsome. Which the GLC is.

The SUV adaptation is ample to be avant-garde and sporty, with big auto and attenuated windows. Personally, I anticipate we could go abate on auto and bigger on windows overall, but this is the appearance of today.

A abbreviate assignment abaft the caster of the abject archetypal GLC 300, which comes with RWD, was decidedly pleasant. Without the added weight from an AWD arrangement in its nose, the car is active and abundantly agile. Downshifting to advance takes a few clicks from the nine-speed auto, but already you’re there and the four-cylinder roars, it’s not slow.

The 63 S adaptation we took out the abutting day was abominable in how abundant it acquainted like a absolute sports car. Tight and tidy in the corners, it was fast and powerful, admitting a college centre of gravity. It was able and fast, and did I acknowledgment it was fast and powerful?

Flooring it in Sport Plus approach was like axis up the thrusters and again slamming assiduously against the horizon. It is not an annoying bulk of power, these 503 horses, but it will absolutely get you in agitation if you’re not careful. The crossover guise won’t do a affair to beard you.

From the rear, you’re accosted by the glottal snaps and snarls of an AMG-tuned V8. I did not apperceive how abundant of that was accepting piped beeline into the cabin, nor did I absolutely accord a shit. It articulate air-conditioned and that’s all I cared about.

True, the council was on the lighter ancillary and it wasn’t the best communicative, but it was direct. I didn’t consistently feel assured in alive area the advanced was pointed, but I consistently knew that baby council inputs from me would aftereffect in some affectionate of front-axle movement.

It’s carelessness and additionally absolutely accidental that you can accept article this able and still accompany the ancestors out to Sunday brunch with. Aloof get a additional fast car! But I accept some bodies appetite a one-size-fits-all solution. This is it.

2020 Mercedes Glc
 Release Date and Concept

2020 Mercedes Glc

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

See the difference?

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

See the difference?

The best arresting affair about the auto is that it is a coupe. Yes, I apperceive it’s not an absolute “coupe” and we’ve berated Mercedes for it before. But I acquisition the appearance wholly abominable and impractical, and I cannot amount out why we couldn’t aloof leave the SUV alone.

You get the SUV for its bigger burden amplitude and headroom. The auto takes both of those advantages and lights them on fire. The GLC SUV has 19.4 cubic anxiety of block space; the GLC Auto has 17.7 cubic anxiety of block space. Yes, the SUV’s block calmly fit two attache accoutrements and two backpacks, but the askance contour of the auto absolutely fabricated the burden amplitude added claustrophobic.

Plus, the rear allowance was additionally sacrificed for that coupe-y profile. Aback my active partner, who is about six anxiety tall, approved out the aback seat, his arch came absolute abutting to abrading the ceiling.

I’m of the assessment that crossovers should abundantly ride added calmly than their auto counterparts because they can allow added abeyance travel. This was not the case with the GLC. In the abject model, the abeyance was still rather annealed admitting actuality in abundance mode, and the stiffest ambience on the AMG 63 S was jarring. I approved it out for about 15 account and again angry it off. Who was I assuming to be?

The 2020 GLC models additionally accommodate Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment system, which includes articulation controls. The car’s wake-up byword is “Hey Mercedes.” Already you get its attention, you can ask it to change the berth temperature, accessible the sunroof and alike accord you acclimate updates. Maybe for addition who loves articulation commands, this is great. But it acquired added problems than it apparent aback I was testing it out.

Not abandoned did the arrangement abort to accept that we capital it to cross us somewhere, it additionally kept avaricious assimilate pieces of our chat and interrupting. I apperceive we were discussing Mercedes for abundant of the drive, but it was acutely intrusive.

2020 Mercedes Glc

2020 Mercedes Glc

Finally, the car has no USB ports! I spent about 10 account aggravating to acquisition one, but all I begin were USB-C ports. Aback I asked a Mercedes agent about it, they accepted the car’s abridgement of USB ports and replied with article forth the curve of: “We’re all-embracing the future.”

I don’t own one UBC-C accordant device. I acquainted absolute excluded. Mercedes attentive offered me an adaptor; admitting if there were aloof ancient USB ports, this wouldn’t accept been an affair at all.

As Mercedes’ acknowledged model, this is an important car for the automaker to get right. It needs to accept accumulation appeal, and it absolutely does. It’s accessible to drive, accessible to park, has affluence of autogenous allowance and looks nice. The autogenous abstracts are affable and affection to the touch. And there’s a hot AMG S adaptation for the fast folks, too.

During a abstruse presentation, Mercedes accepted that a amalgam adaptation of the GLC is coming, as able-bodied as an AMG 43 model. You can apprehend both of them soon.

The abject archetypal GLC 300 is absolute for commutes or active errands. You’ll get in and drive it and it’ll do aloof that until it won’t anymore. And the 63 S adaptation is there for dispatch and awkward the teeth out of your passengers. Both are abundant at what they do.

I still anticipate the auto is silly, but if that’s absolutely your thing, again let your aberration banderole fly.

Fast, loud and exciting.

No USB ports, aback seats a little cramped.

If you appetite a people/stuff hauler sports car, this is it.

503 HP • 516 LB-FT

2020 Mercedes Glc

2020 Mercedes Glc

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